Phen375 Review- Part II of My Weight Loss Journey

In my phen375 review part II, I am going to give my weight loss results as well as outline some advantages and disadvantages to phen375. In part I, I basically identified some major ingredients of the supplement and what the manufacturer claims can happen with the weight loss supplement. The formulation of ingredients is supposed to help you lose weight quickly and give you more energy. The pill itself is manufactured at a FDA registered facility in California.

In part I of my phen375 review, I talk about the product. In part II, I will talk about my actual results with using the product. This is what you have all been waiting for. I broke it down into weeks. I tried phen375 for a total of two months to really gauge the product’s effectiveness.

My Journey

Week #1 – For the first couple of days, I was feeling a little lightheaded. I believe this is due to the fact that I consume a lot of coffee. The pill does contain a stimulant which more than likely triggered this. I do recommend that you cut down on the amount of caffeine you are drinking. I am not suggesting you completely eliminating coffee but maybe cutting down a cup or two. I do feel as if I have more energy slightly. By day four, I could definitely feel a drop in my appetite. I was pleasantly surprised because this was just the first week. Most diet pills I have used didn’t give me a significant decrease in my appetite the first week.

Week #2 – I was starting to eat less now on a continuous basis. Because I was eating less, I made sure to incorporate healthy eating choices for nutritional value. I was eating more fruit and replaced my usual white bread with wheat.

Week #3 – The boost in energy levels that I first notices in week 1 has had an impact on my sleep. I found that I was falling asleep later in the evenings but needed less sleep. In the morning, I would feel more energized. I have noticed that some people have complained that they have had difficulty falling asleep. I didn’t have any difficulty falling asleep, just noticed that I wasn’t sleeping as long. I didn’t feel tired at all.

Week #4 – By this time, I was getting used to taking the supplement. Please Note: During this time, I had not exercised at all. In the past, when using diet pills, I would exercise because I had never got any real results with just pills alone. At the end of week four, I had lost eight pounds. After seeing my weight drop on the scale, I am starting to become more convinced.

Weeks #5-8 – I continued to live life as usual while taking the supplement. By the end of two full months, I had lost a total of 19 pounds. While this may not seem a lot for many of you out there, keep in mind I was not exercising at all. The manufacturer claims the average weight loss amongst individuals is three to five pounds per week. Your individual results may differ.


After taking the weight loss pills for two months, I lost a total of 19 pounds without exercising. Phen375 does work in my opinion. It definitely helped me to achieve weight loss but not quite as much as the website claims. That’s perfectly OK! 19 pounds in two months without exercising is a success in my eyes. It did live up to most of the claims.

Claim #1 Fast and Easy weight loss: It definitely was easy since I did not have to exercise or change any of my eating habits. I didn’t lose the 3-5 pounds on average per week that phen375 claims most of their consumers do. I do think how much weight you will lose is entirely up to the individual.  People that exercise may experience more weight loss on average and someone’s genetic makeup, which may be better than mine.

Claim #2 More Alert and More Strength: I did notice that my concentration increased more, but I really can’t gauge whether or not I felt stronger after taking the pill.

Claim #3 More Energy: As I stated earlier, I did feel like I needed less sleep. I did not feel tired nor did I have trouble falling asleep, like others claimed. The maximum strength ingredients used in phen375 was the key to me losing weight.

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