Phen375 Review- Part I of My Weight Loss Journey

In this unbiased phen375 review, we will explore the ingredients, possible side effects and what the markers of phen375 claim you can lose with their diet pill. In part II of my phen375 review, I will be detailing my results with the product. Like so many of you trying to lose weight with dietary supplements can produce a dead end. It has become increasingly difficult to find a quality dietary supplement or a real phen375 review.  Unfortunately, I have become the guinea pig of many diet pills and for your sake aim to tell the truth about phen375. With that being said, 95% of you are doing this one thing that is completely sabotaging your efforts to lose weight. Want to know what it is? Click here to find out!

What’s in this stuff?

Phen375 uses synthesized compounds and is manufactured in the U.S. in a FDA controlled facility in California. The entire listing of Phen375 ingredients can befound on their website. Some of these ingredients include: Dehydroepiandrosterone, SympathomimeticAmine, and Trimethylxanthine. There is a whole list of ingredients. Click here to visit the official phen375 website. In my phen375 review, I will outline the main two ingredients for which you need to be concerned with.

What is it supposed to do?

Before we go into the ingredients, we need to define exactly what phen375 is and what is it supposed to do. Phen375 is an appetite suppressant and a fat burning supplement. It works by manipulating chemicals in the brain that control your urge to eat in addition to how you burn fat. In a nutshell, the supplement helps to boost your metabolism, burn stored fat, and reduce hunger. The two ingredients listed below help to achieve weight loss. It also is different in the fact that it improves your body’s energy levels.

Phen375 Ingredients

Ingredient#1 Trimethylxanthine This is the chemical name for Caffeine.  Caffeine is a stimulant which helps you to not feel tired and boosts your metabolism.

Ingredient#2 L-carnitineL-carnitine is a derative of carnitine. Carnitine helps transport fatty acids from our blood to our cells in order to make energy. L-carnitine acts as an antioxidant and natural anti inflammatory that affects other parts of our bodies.

From the thousands of people who have actually tested out the weight loss pill, it seems that few people have experienced negative side effects. In part II of my phen375 review, I will let you know of the side effects I had, if any.  Everyone is different and you may experience some of the side effects mentioned. Some people have reported constipation, sleeplessness, and an increase in their heart rate. The makers of phen375 claim that you can experience rapid weight loss. How much weight loss you may ask? Two to four pounds a week is not out of the ordinary in a real phen375 review. One user in a phen375 review claimed that you do not have to have individual will power as the drug goes to work in your body to help you achieve the results you want.

Some people claim that they start to feel the pill working within 45 minutes after ingesting it. You will also be more alert and have increased energy levels. They do have a lot of video testimonials on their website from real people. Check out the testimonials and a genuine phen375 review from actual consumers at their official website here. Please Note: You must buy phen375 at the officl website. Unlike other diet pills, you may not buy phen375 at online retailers such as Amazon, Ebay, or other supplement stores. You cannot purchase phen375 at a brick and mortar store location either. The supplement is sold online only via their official website. The producers RDK global never endorse other websites selling their products. If you find another website other than the official website selling phen375, please DO NOT purchase the supplement. There are many scam websites out there pretending to give a genuine phen375 review.

Final Thoughts

There are many diet pills out on the market that claim to help you lose weight. Being a person who has tried many diet pills in the past and failed to achieve weight loss, I was skeptical. I put up this phen375 review website to document my own results to allow you to make an educated decision about the supplement itself. Please stay tuned for my phen375 review-part II. In it, I will show you my results as well as detail some of the main advantages and disadvantages of the product. This is a real review and every product has some disadvantages. Will phen375 live up to its claims?  Stay tuned for part II of my phen375 review.

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